• New chair will make your joy

    Office chairs are a very necessary thing for people who work in the Office and the whole working hours are looking at a computer or ruminating in piles of papers. However, it is very important to give them chairs saddle, otherwise they can destroy their backs. Come to us to choose the right for you, »more

  • What is your favorite?

    Tasty ice Creams purely Czech companies will come to taste for every occasion. With them you will complement every occasion as a great dessert. There is nothing better than to give something cool and at the same time something that will get hot with all sorts of tastes! The delicious combination of flavors and colors »more

  • They are one of the highest quality products

    In our offer you will find quality wooden windows and wooden sliding doors, which have the collective name of Eurowindows and are one of the highest quality products of this type on the market. Their functional properties are better than the properties of plastic and they look great for this. Eurowindows is the name for »more

  • Choose the fabric for your new sofa

    The seating set is part of your living room and therefore should have a long service life. At the same time should meet the requirements of your comfort and should appropriately tune with other furniture in the interior. Someone prefers quality, another is looking at the price, but the important thing is what we expect »more

  • The care you deserve

    Every person should take care once in a while, which makes him relax for a while and forget all his worries. If you don't like anything and want to try new things, you could definitely love erotic massages, which are suitable for any adult person who wants to enjoy a lot of pleasant feelings. Therefore, »more

  • Trying to find great accommodation pays off

    Anyone who is trying should take some advantageous offer. This is at least the credo of our travel agency, which has been providing foreign tours to thousands of clients for many years. You ask us what you can do with accommodation in Croatia furnished through our travel agency? We offer you fresh experiences in a »more

  • All our offers are valid

    As for cars, people can be divided into 3 groups-those who need it daily, those who need it only here and those who do not need it at all. If you're heading to those who don't have it, but need it, we have a solution called Car rental! Our car rental belongs to younger companies »more

  • Floating floors

    Floating floorsare floor coverings, which are appreciated by all who have it at home or in the workplace. It has an amazing ability to give every interior a great look and can be a unifying element that can perfectly match every room and entire living space. Floating floors are not only nice and interesting to »more

  • The provision of quality equipment to the workshop

    The provision of quality equipment to the workshop can be fast, inexpensive and at the same time easy. Simply familiarize yourself with the practical offer on the workshop tables, which will take the job of simplifying and making the work process more enjoyable. Perfectly material and functionally machined workshop tables can create a completely different »more

  • Mácha Lake Chalets

    Mácha's lake huts will attract you to experience a family vacation, weekend, or school in nature. In Staré Splavy is located in the camp Elite quadruple chalets with a fridge. The village is located in a pine forest from where it is a 15-minute walk to Máre's Lake. There is a possibility to buy half-board »more